Craig Berry

Reader in Political Economy, Manchester Metropolitan University

The covidist state: opportunities for progressive politics?

Craig Berry - 4 May 2020

The outbreak of COVID 19 has enlarged the UK state. This blog explores whether this emergency enlargement of the state may come to serve progressive purposes.

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Workers of the world, self isolate!

Craig Berry - 3 April 2020

Pre-pandemic class relationships are both shaping and disrupting the politics of covidism.

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Damned if we don’t, damned if we do: a sideways look at Ciaran Driver and Grahame Thompson’s Corporate Governance in Contention

Craig Berry - 22 October 2018

Corporate Governance in Contention, edited by Ciaran Driver and Grahame Thompson (Oxford University Press, 2018), offers an exemplary overview of some of the most important debates in scholarship on corporate governance in Europe and North America

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‘Global Britain’ equals Osbornomics squared

Craig Berry - 27 July 2018

The tussle over Brexit within the Conservative Party is actually a debate about the UK’s future place in the global capitalist order. Boris Johnson is merely taking remainer George Osborne’s vision to its logical conclusion, while in pinning her hopes on continental capitalism, Theresa May is arguably the real fantasist

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From capitalism grounded to grounded capitalism – Part 2

Craig Berry -  18 April 2018

Even on the left, post-crisis regional economic policy in Britain has been underpinned by pre-crisis intellectual paradigms. This post argues that a ‘grounded capitalism’ approach can transform the British growth model while alleviating regional inequalities

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From capitalism grounded to grounded capitalism – Part 1

Craig Berry -  17 April 2018

We can partly situate the grounding of Britain’s pre-crisis growth model in its geographical unevenness – but the left must also situate its response to regional inequalities in a new understanding of capitalism’s spatiality

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Conform or confront? Will young people turn to trade unions to address precariousness?

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel - 12 February 2018

Our new research published today considers the perspectives of today’s young people on trade unionism – and how unions can respond

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Young people and the normalisation of economic crisis in the UK

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel  - 08 January 2018

Our new research considers the perspectives of today’s young people on the economy, crisis and labour market change – and how they view the prospect of transforming their circumstances through politics

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The next Brexit...

Craig Berry  - 19 December 2017

The path to ‘soft Brexit’ has now been firmly established. But the real disjuncture between the UK and the EU may be yet to come

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George Osborne’s legacy lives on in Philip Hammond’s latest budget

Craig Berry - 23 November 2017

The Chancellor glossed over terrible forecasts, delivered more hype than substance on industrial strategy, and succumbed to another housing market stimulus. But the Osbornomics bag of budget tricks is delivering diminishing returns for the British economy

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How should progressives respond to the anti-competitive tendencies of the platform economy?

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel - 06 November 2017

Firms such as Google and Uber – and their control of our data – may pose a threat to the UK’s competition regime. How policy-makers respond to this will help to define the platform economy

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Industrial strategy: here come the British

Craig Berry - 01 November 2017

The final report of the Industrial Strategy Commission outlines a bold vision for strategic economic management in the UK, including institutional reforms at the centre. Can we expect the same radicalism from the May government?

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Has the salience of ‘saving’ in British political discourse declined?

Craig Berry - 09 August 2017

The practice of saving has been complexified, but the concept has until recently retained discursive significance as part of an ‘asset-based welfare’ agenda. The 2017 election may, however, have signalled a significant shift in British economic statecraft

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The proletariat problem: general election 2017 and the class politics of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Craig Berry - 05 July 2017

The election continued the swing of working-class voters to the Conservative Party – but also the more important trend of working-class disengagement from politics. Can Labour respond without succumbing to populism?

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General election 2017 and the incompleteness of industrial strategy

Craig Berry - 21 June 2017

Industrial strategy is the Achilles heel of British economic statecraft, but the radical approaches promised by both the Conservatives and Labour fall short of a transformative agenda

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General election 2017 and the insidiousness of austerity politics

Craig Berry - 15 June 2017

The Corbyn ‘surge’ denied the May government the majority it took for granted – but the implication that austerity in the UK is over is far from clear

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The triple lock is a pensions policy, not a pensioner policy

Craig Berry - 30 May 2017

While the current method of uprating the state pension is imperfect, Theresa May’s proposal to abolish it is based on a flawed view of intergenerational fairness

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Brexit Britain and undemocracy: an epilogue

Craig Berry - 28 April 2017

Paradoxically, the snap election is a further nail in the coffin of actually-existing British democracy – and reinforces the role of Brexit in the revival of conservative statecraft

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Forever young, but never young?

Craig Berry - 15 February 2017

Alan France’s ambitious account of young people’s experience of economic crisis across eight developed countries shows what it means to be young has been transformed

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Industrial strategy failures increase the likelihood of soft Brexit

Craig Berry - 17 January 2017

As Theresa May knows, Britain is too weak economically to prosper outside the single market under the current economic policy paradigm – this inconvenient truth will soon tear apart the pro-Brexit coalition

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The world as we know it is a world that never was

Craig Berry - 07 December 2016

Donald Trump’s election reminds us that world order is based on American imperial power, not liberal ideals – the American empire’s unravelling will now be accelerated

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Corbynism, martyrdom and the other Labour split – part II

Craig Berry - 03 October 2016

Labour will not split, but Corbynism might – Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party depends on a large group of activists increasingly uneasy with his approach to politics

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Corbynism, martyrdom and the other Labour split – part I

Craig Berry -  26 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn’s destructive utopianism has been reaffirmed by Labour Party members – but there are signs of a widening divergence among Corbyn’s support base, with uncertain implications for Labour’s future

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Jeremy Corbyn: a Polanyian critique

Craig Berry -  08 September 2016

Corbynism represents a ‘fictitious commodity’ in the UK’s political marketplace

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Brexit Britain and the political economy of undemocracy: Part II – the left

Craig Berry -  17 August 2016

While the right acts decisively to restore the established order, the Corbyn experiment eschews both democracy and state power, and thus Labour’s best hope of transforming capitalism.

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Brexit Britain and the political economy of undemocracy: Part I – the right

Craig Berry -  10 August 2016

The aftermath of economic crisis, followed by Brexit, has seen the dismantling of democratic norms in Britain. The right benefits, while the left stands by

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Austerity has transformed the meaning and morality of work in the UK

Craig Berry -  19 July 2016

Measuring economic success through levels of employment obscures the unsustainable and oppressive nature of the UK’s recovery

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The Coming Crisis: Neoliberalism’s survival and the crisis of imagination

Craig Berry -  06 July 2016

To capitalise on the crisis and create a post-neoliberal economic order, progressives need new lenses for understanding everyday economic life

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Brexit = austerity squared

Craig Berry -  28 June 2016

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is a product, ironically, of the political elite’s longstanding aversion to democratic self-rule

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From socialising capital to socialising capitalism

Craig Berry -  09 June 2016

Stewart Lansley’s advocacy of the sharing economy is the right idea at the right time, but social wealth funds would be a problematic instrument

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UK regions, the European Union and manufacturing exports

Craig Berry -  25 May 2016

New analysis of the trade in goods between the UK’s regions and the EU sheds new light on the potential regional implications of Brexit

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The real ‘new politics’ of post-crisis Britain: Part II

Craig Berry - 25 February 2016

Austerity is anchored in a new politics of place, but Labour is adrift

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The real ‘new politics’ of post-crisis Britain: Part I

Craig Berry - 18 February 2016

The Conservatives understand – and exploit – the electorate’s concerns about ‘place’

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The government is right on pensioner protection – but for the wrong reasons

Craig Berry - 14 January 2016

Critics of the protection of pensioner benefit entitlements are playing into George Osborne’s hands

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You wanted it, you got it

Craig Berry - 14 September 2015

New Labour offered change for two decades, without ever really meaning it. Jeremy Corbyn is the near-inevitable consequence

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Austerity rests on a thesis the government doesn’t believe in

Tom Hunt & Craig Berry - 01 September 2015

Concentration of infrastructure investment in areas with high levels of business activity suggests the government is unconcerned by ‘crowding out’

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Citizenship in a financialised society

Craig Berry - 28 August 2015

The Conservative government’s promotion of financialisation is transforming citizenship in the UK

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Transport investment and the North’s development dilemmas

Tom Hunt & Craig Berry - 28 July 2015

The gap between rhetoric and reality with regard to transport investment in the North of England encapsulates all the problems of Northern economic development

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Why the North, why now, and what’s new?: Part II

Craig Berry - 11 June 2015

Osborne’s plans spell ‘devo-danger’ for the left in Northern England

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Why the North, why now, and what’s new? Part I

Craig Berry - 04 June 2015

For England’s sake, the time has come for Northern England to find its ‘inner powerhouse’

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Ed Miliband didn’t convince the electorate, because he didn’t convince himself

Craig Berry - 12 May 2015

An ambivalence towards the state meant Labour failed to offer a meaningful alternative to the Conservatives

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Will the Budget reinforce Britain’s lopsided housing recovery?

Craig Berry - 15 March 2015

Regional housing inequalities continue to widen – because the game is rigged

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The rebalancing agenda, Boris Johnson and the politics of pension funds

Craig Berry - 26 November 2014

The Conservative agenda on pension investments is inherently shallow and increasingly moralistic in tone

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