James Jackson

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield

A person's arm holding a large vegan burger on a bright purple background.

Remi Edwards & James Jackson - 10 May 2022

Veganism offers a deep critique of contemporary food systems, but is susceptible to corporate co-optation that may reduce its transformative potential.

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The rise of veganism: How the growth of sustainable diets may affect the political economy of food production in the UK

James Jackson - 6 July 2020

With vegan and environmentally-friendly diets on the rise in the UK, this blog asks what these changes in consumption behaviour imply for the political economy of food production and how might the state support such a transition? This blog is part 4 of the ‘Studying an Uncertain Future‘ written by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researchers Network.

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Studying an uncertain future: Researching political economy in a time of COVID-19, crisis and climate change

SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network -  15 June 2020

A new generation of political economists, drawn from SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network reflect on what their work tells us about where the world may be going in the next ten years.

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The use of industrial policy to meet emissions reductions: is it enough?

James Jackson - 28 October 2019

While the UK’s industrial strategy is an important step in meeting the 2050 net zero carbon target set under the Climate Change Act, there are limits to these policies.

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