Ahmad Rizky M. Umar

Doctoral Researcher, School of Political Sciences and International Studies, University of Queensland, Australia

The changing politics of regionalism in Asia-Pacific

Ahmad Rizky M. Umar - 30 July 2018

Recent development in the Asia-Pacific region show how regionalism is a ‘dynamic’ political project rather than merely an institution and rule-based political order

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Is regionalism declining in world politics?

Ahmad Rizky M. Umar - 01 June 2017

To counter moves towards more nationalist politics, regional integration must involve greater social integration

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What ASEAN needs to learn from Brexit

Ahmad Rizky M. Umar - 31 January 2017

ASEAN needs to develop stronger leadership and become more democratic. Failure to do this will mean it continue to be fragmented and vulnerable to the danger of ‘breaking up’

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