The politics of employment and the limits of the recovery

Jeremy Green - 23 December 2013

Despite claims of recovery we are still mired in an employment crisis

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‘Civic Capitalism’: regulation as the only antidote to unstable growth

Tony Payne & Colin Hay - 19 December 2013

We set out five principles on which to base sound economic governance and add a more practical rule of thumb

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Hungry for change: food insecurity in the wake of the crisis

Sébastien Rioux - 16 December 2013

The politics of the financial crisis have generated rising and unacceptable levels of hunger in advanced societies

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Wildlife black markets and the political economy of illegal trade

Lorraine Elliott - 03 December 2013

Combatting illegal wildlife trade requires coordinated transnational action

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Welcome to the pseudo-recovery

Craig Berry - 29 November 2013

UK investment and consumption performance demonstrates the frailty of the economic recovery

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Social security in the cross-hairs

David Coates - 27 November 2013

The last remaining pillar of the New Deal era is increasingly endangered

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Interrogating the ‘good news’ on employment

Craig Berry - 25 November 2013

Why the coalition government is wrong to consider the relatively high employment rate one of its main successes

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‘Civic Capitalism’: restoring democratic economic governance

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 22 November 2013

We need to move on from the ideology that led us astray to a more consciously held, open-ended and dynamic ideology that asks not what we can do for the market but what the market can do for us

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The ghost of Smoot-Hawley and the global trading system

Gabriel Siles-Brügge - 21 November 2013

Memories of the Great Depression haunt current debates about the role of trade in a post-crisis world

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Export-led growth and the failure of economic rebalancing

Craig Berry - 19 November 2013

The trade deficit is growing – and the Transatlantic trade deal is unlikely to rectify this

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Are we there yet?

Craig Berry - 14 November 2013

The recent good news about renewed growth in the British economy badly needs to be scrutinised and put in context

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The dirty little secret of the euro zone crisis: the German banks

Helen Thompson - 11 November 2013

Germany’s response to the crisis reflects its commitment to protect its own banks

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‘Civic Capitalism’: introducing a new model of capitalism

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 08 November 2013

We must start thinking about how to construct something better out of the widely analysed failings of Anglo-liberal capitalism

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Can pensions break the British investment strike?

Craig Berry - 07 November 2013

The government has a covert strategy to use pensions saving to improve Britain’s economic performance, but it may jeopardise the long-term interests of members

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The restructuring ‘revolution’: sovereign debt deals are no longer such a familiar game

Giselle Datz - 04 November 2013

Harnessing financial market innovation may help smooth the politics of sovereign debt

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Global Races

Tony Payne - 01 November 2013

It’s right to focus attention on Britain’s position in the global political economy, but we need a more sophisticated way of thinking about this issue than the notion of a race

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The Nobel Prize and the reproduction of economics orthodoxy

Matthew Watson - 30 October 2013

This year’s economics laureates reflect the narrow purview of the prize and the entrenchment of familiar but limited ways of thinking about economic life

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The Caribbean's silent debt crisis

Gail Hurley - 28 October 2013

New policies are needed to break the cycle of debt dependency

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Placing bets on the climate

Jo Bates - 24 October 2013

Developments in ‘big data’ science and the weather risk industry are transforming the political economy of climate change

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US standoff was fallout from the financial crisis – and it’s not over

Stephanie Mudge - 22 October 2013

Deepening political divisions are threatening the health of Western democracies

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Precarious employment & the ‘recovery through regressive redistribution’

Scott Lavery - 17 October 2013

Proliferation of zero hours contracts is further entrenching Britain’s dysfunctional economic model

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Too important to leave to the economists: putting the ‘political’ back in political economy

Colin Hay - 10 October 2013

The crisis has shown us that we can’t let mainstream economists continue setting the policy agenda

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Bad economics

Andrew Gamble - 08 October 2013

The dominance of the prevailing economic orthodoxy makes it hard for even modest reforms to gain traction

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The new contractual state in Britain

Mick Moran - 03 October 2013

Britain’s contractual state has been marked by systemic abuses, incompetence and a lack of transparency

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Everyday life in crisis Spain: are we all Roma now?

Owen Parker  - 01 October 2013

As the hardships of life touch more and more sectors of Spanish society, so new forms of resistance are spreading too

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The American student debt crisis: the next financial time bomb?

David Coates  - 26 September 2013

Staggering levels of student debt are strangling the US economic recovery

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The politics of quantitative easing: ‘recovery’ through regressive redistribution

Jeremy Green  - 24 September 2013

Neoliberal crisis responses in the Anglo-American economies have deepened inequality and divided society

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Of ‘jobless recoveries’ and anti-social science

Stephanie Mudge  - 19 September 2013

We need to build upon, not bury, our historical knowledge of the social world if we want to understand the politics of the recovery

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Mass Flourishing, or nostalgic nonsense?

Fred Block  - 17 September 2013

Edmund Phelps’s new book ignores the key role that states play in making innovation happen

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Does Britain need to be pursuing a development strategy?

Tony Payne - 12 September 2013

Very few academics, journalists and politicians ever treat Britain’s economic problems as matters of failed or flawed development.  Perhaps they should?

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Stuck in dirty development

Hayley Stevenson - 10 September 2013

The G20 is stalling its commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, despite the need for immediate action

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A centrist political economy for Britain: Part 1

Matt Bishop - 03 September 2013

The fabled ‘centre ground’ of British politics is more malleable than people realise, which means that a radical agenda for the country’s political economy does not involve left-of-centre politicians vacating it

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On Superheroes, Men and The Politics of Money

Adrienne Roberts - 14 August 2013

Gendered narratives around Mark Carney’s appointment obstruct much needed debate about the Bank’s role

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Mark Carney’s ‘forward guidance’: from rebalancing to fingers crossed

Craig Berry - 08 August 2013

Pension funds will find little comfort in forward guidance

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Whatever happened to progressive taxation?

Matt Bishop - 07 August 2013

The social contract between different groups of citizens could completely unravel if we don’t see a return to progressive taxation

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Solving malnutrition through business and science?

Graham Harrison - 01 August 2013

We need to broaden our understanding of hunger and challenge the prevailing market-centred approach

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Swopping conservatives

David Coates - 29 July 2013

American conservatism has shifted so far to the right we almost need a new term to describe it

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The power of banks

Cornelia Woll - 25 July 2013

Government dependency upon the banks gives them huge political leverage

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Brazil’s mounting challenges: ‘The Giant has Awakened’

Giselle Datz - 23 July 2013

The approach of next year’s soccer World Cup is putting the spotlight on Brazil at a crucial moment in its development

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The Great Uncertainty: Thinking through questions of time

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 18 July 2013

The global financial crisis, the shift in the global balance of economic power and the environmental threat have unfolded over very different time horizons, but they still come to a head at the same moment

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New YouGov survey reports on the state of opinion in Britain

Will Jennings & Gerry Stoker - 16 July 2013

Austerity leaves citizens raging against the short-sighted, self-serving leadership provided by politicians

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The Great Uncertainty: thinking through environmental threat

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 11 July 2013

That we find ourselves in the environmental ‘red zone’ has profound implications for how we think about growth

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What India does matters in intellectual property

Valbona Muzaka - 04 July 2013

Court decisions in India are setting important precedents for the future of intellectual property

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New institutions but old ideas: the story of the UK’s new regulatory regime for financial services

Richard Woodward - 02 July 2013

Perpetuation of a failed regulatory philosophy means more City crises and scandals

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Why entrepreneurs will not save the world

Owen Parker - 30 May 2013

Governments have championed ‘entrepreneurs’ as figures capable of reviving stagnant economies and alleviating social problems. But who are they, and are they worth celebrating?

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‘Third World problems’?

Matt Bishop - 28 May 2013

We may all be developing countries now, facing similar broad challenges, but our capacity to respond to the rapidly transforming developmental context is highly unequal

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Is there a political economy of football?

Wyn Grant - 23  May 2013

Football often likes to see itself as a world apart from society and politics, but it is susceptible to political economy analysis

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Opening up public data

Jo Bates - 21  May 2013

The growing debate over opening up public data raises serious political and economic questions about who gains and who loses from such a process

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Unpacking the 2013 Human Development Index

Tony Payne - 16 May 2013

The UNDP claims ‘the Rise of the South’ is having a significant impact on economic growth and societal change

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The global land grab

Ben Richardson - 14 May 2013

Going back to the intellectual roots of IPE is instructive for understanding today’s global land politics

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The failures of supply-side innovation policy

Richard Jones - 10 May 2013

Longstanding deficiencies in Britain’s innovation policy are hampering our efforts to return to growth

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The UK’s very dangerous banks

Helen Thompson - 07 May 2013

Banks are being asked to lead the recovery despite the fact that they continue to pose the biggest single threat to the British economy

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What’s at stake in the hunt for a new political economy?

Stephanie Mudge - 03 May 2013

The links between knowledge, institutions and policy outcomes are the keys to building democratic approaches to political economy

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Gridlock in Washington: conservative heaven!

David Coates - 02 May 2013

Conservative populism is flourishing in America as rapid change and media hysteria cultivate the politics of fear

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