Fabio Bordignon

University of Urbino Carlo Bo

The politics of fear: how immigration is dominating the Italian election campaign

Fabio Bordignon, Luigi Ceccarini & Ilvo Diamanti - 02 March 2018

Growing popular concern about immigration could see the centre-right benefit in Sunday’s election

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The Italian Constitutional Referendum: the fears behind the No vote

Fabio Bordignon, Luigi Ceccarini & Ilvo Diamanti  - 09 March 2017

The varied generational impact of Italy’s enduring economic crisis was a central factor behind the No vote

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A new Five Star Boom: the 2016 Italian municipal elections

Luigi Ceccarini & Fabio Bordignon-  03 August 2016

June’s elections saw rising support for the ‘anti-establishment’ Five-Star Movement, which in the context of growing economic instability is an increasingly popular alternative to ‘mainstream politics’

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