Panoramic view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Ben Clift & Sean McDaniel - 3 October 2022

European pressures manifestly constrain and shape national capitalisms, yet they are fragmented and differentiating, producing capitalist variegation rather than convergence.

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Overlooking the Obelisk in the city of Buenos Aires

Matt Barlow - 29 September 2022

Paying for the energy price guarantee has highlighted a deep political cleavage around tax ideology. Reframing windfall as emergency will be critical to leverage a change in direction. 

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Birds eye view of rooftops and housing

Nick Kotucha - 22 September 2022

The implementation of the macroprudential policy programme in individual countries has been remarkably uneven. A closer look at the importance of national growth models and housing systems for issues of financial stability helps us understand why.

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Industrial pipes and tubes

James Silverwood & Richard Woodward - 14 September 2022

Drawing on newly published research, this blog argues that while Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak both stated a desire to introduce tax cuts and reduce the size of the British state, history suggests that once in office either candidate would have resorted to industrial policy in the shadows.

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Scottish castle with a Scottish flag

Thomas Chappell - 13 July 2022

Devolution, combined with error-strewn Westminster governance, has led to the growth of pro-independence sentiment north of the border. Could we witness the break-up of Britain over the next decade?

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A London street with a red bus on the road. EU flags and Great Britain flags are with crowds of people and police on the roadside.

Lourdes Sales-Piera - 12 July 2022

Brexit may have come as a surprise to many commentators, but there are long-standing historical reasons why it was entirely predictable.

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Red heart balloons with a Ukrainian flag in the background

Charlie Scott-Jones - 11 July 2022

Pro-Brexit campaigners claimed Britain unshackled from the EU would project its power and influence internationally. The UK’s slow and ineffective response to the war in Ukraine suggests the opposite.

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An occupied lecture theatre

Ed Pemberton - 5 July 2022

In Reclaiming Economics, a group of activists and scholars present a compelling case against mainstream economics education. They highlight the role of this orthodoxy in many societal crises, but may overstate its potential as a domain of radical change.

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Signpost directing walkers two different directions

Georgios Efthyvoulou - 27 June 2022

New research shows that a shift towards more left-leaning positions in receiving country governments relative to the sending country governments is associated with increased immigration.

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Wind turbines in a field at sunset.

Chris Saltmarsh - 15 June 2022

While the Green New Deal is a point of strategic unity for those committed to political-economic transformation, it is also site of political contestation across the capitalism-growth debate.

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Imitation crypto currency coins

Georgette Fernandez Laris - 19 May 2022

Wary of unruly private global digital currency mavericks that monetise on people’s privacy, several central banks are developing their own digital legal tenders – but we should question how and by whom our money is controlled.

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Oil rig at sea

Nerea Amisi Okong’o - 17 May 2022

This piece, based on original research in Kenya’s oil and gas industry, explores experiences of difference and belonging among black African women in the extractive industry.

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Great Britain flag above the EU flag

George Asiamah - 12 May 2022

Brexit and the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement offer the UK an opportunity to diverge from the EU’s agri-food regulatory regime. However, it will benefit UK consumers in particular to maintain its alignment with EU food standards.

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A person's arm holding a large vegan burger on a bright purple background.

Remi Edwards & James Jackson - 10 May 2022

Veganism offers a deep critique of contemporary food systems, but is susceptible to corporate co-optation that may reduce its transformative potential.

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A person using a multi-coloured, light up computer keyboard and mouse

Guy Cowman-Sharpe - 5 May 2022

Digital platforms continue to create new spatial networks for capital accumulation and surveillance. Creators and users alike are deeply embedded within these networks.

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A shop wall with tops, jumpers and dresses hung on rails.

Winnie Lam & Kara Ng - 3 May 2022

This piece explores the varying conflicts, contradictions and possibilities of ethical clothes shopping, and offers some tips on how to navigate the growing trend of conscious consumerism.

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MyZeil advertisement in Frankfurt am Main, December 2021. Taken by the author.

Nina Lotze - 28 April 2022

Modern LGBT+ movements may have advanced civil rights and improved queer lives, but they have also allowed queer issues to be co-opted by politics and corporations in mainstream discourse, obscuring the urgent every-day issues queer people actually face.

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Two people waiting to cross a busy road

James Jackson & Remi Edwards - 26 April 2022

This new blog series by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network explores how a political economy analysis can help to explain experiences in our everyday lives.

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Rishi Sunak

Michael Jacobs - 5 April 2022

George Osborne’s ‘omnishambles’ of 2012 is generally regarded as politically the worst budget of modern times. But it will surely be run close by Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement two weeks ago, which has had a disastrous reception in the press and within his own party. It was not just the criticism it attracted for doing so little for those on the lowest incomes in the face of the cost of living crisis. It was its nakedly political intent.

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'How a decade of conflict remade the nation'. Britain Alone book cover.

Liam Stanley - 25 February 2022

My book Britain Alone is a history of Britain since the global financial crisis.

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A mosaic of Lenin

Joe Pateman - 9 February 2022

Marxism is critiqued for being Eurocentric but Lenin’s analysis challenges this. It championed African independence and remains relevant today.

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Sheffield housing

Georgios Efthyvoulou - 18 January 2022

New research shows that, after the EU referendum, people were less likely to move if they were aligned with the Brexit preferences of their district.

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Nat Dyer - 5 January 2022

There is something odd about one of the iconic stories we tell about the 2008 financial crisis.

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