Georgios Efthyvoulou

Associate Fellow, SPERI, and Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Sheffield

Partisan geographic sorting in the UK: do political views influence to where we choose to move?

Georgios Efthyvoulou, Vincenzo Bove & Harry Pickard - 11 September 2023

New research shows that, when we move within the UK, we tend to move to areas that share our political values and ideals. 

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Terrorism and the Brexit vote

Georgios Efthyvoulou & Harry Pickard - 11 February 2020

Our new research shows that proximity to terrorist attacks increased support for Remain.

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How does the geographic spread of a bank’s subsidiaries affect its value?

Georgios Efthyvoulou -  04 June 2018

Our new research show that the values of banks in emerging countries are highly responsive to their internationalisation strategies

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How foreign acquisitions lower the debt level of domestic firms

Georgios Efthyvoulou - 28 June 2017

New research suggests foreign investment opportunities benefit domestic firms and should be welcomed by national governments

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How does low access to finance affect innovation?

Georgios Efthyvoulou - 24 March 2016

A major new study highlights the barriers to innovation that face firms from across Europe

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