Locating Naomi Klein in the political economy of climate change

Martin Craig - 22 December 2014

She sits somewhat uneasily between ecological Marxists and pro-market ecological economists

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The City of London and Britain’s uneven development

Jeremy Green - 18 December 2014

If the City’s prosperity is not made to work for all, then the break-up of Britain may be unavoidable

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Reducing hunger in the UK

Hannah Lambie-Mumford - 17 December 2014

In an important month for food poverty action has been promised, but the policy problem is still unclear

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The changing political economy of oil

Tony Payne - 16 December 2014

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers

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Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria & Tom Goodfellow - 11 December 2014

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers

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Global capitalism and the rule of law

Robbie Pye - 10 December 2014

Christopher May bridges the disciplinary divide between law and political economy to deliver a clear and compelling account of the idea of the rule of law in global politics

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The problem with Osborne’s new annual tax summaries

Liam Stanley - 09 December 2014

They foster an imagined community of ‘taxpayers’ and subvert the collective identity that should underpin tax

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Britain’s future referendum on EU membership: lessons from Scotland

Jim Buller - 04 December 2014

Economic arguments in favour of Europe may not resonate with a sceptical public

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‘Troubled Families’ or ‘Troubled Bankers’?

Daniela Tepe-Belfrage & Johnna Montgomerie - 03 December 2014

There is no end to welfare in sight; yet welfare is no longer for the poor

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Can the UK become an ‘Entrepreneurial State’?

Caroline Kuzemko - 02 December 2014

The key question is what, politically, might motivate a country, like the UK, to want to move in that direction

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The political economy of ‘a country called Europe’

Dimitris Ballas - 27 November 2014

New mapping techniques open up the possibility of both a more informed policy-making and a greater sense of solidarity

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The rebalancing agenda, Boris Johnson and the politics of pension funds

Craig Berry - 26 November 2014

The Conservative agenda on pension investments is inherently shallow and increasingly moralistic in tone

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Dilemmas for the left on EU citizenship

Owen Parker - 25 November 2014

The Conservative agenda on pension investments is inherently shallow and increasingly moralistic in tone

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Social democracy and Scottish independence

James Stafford - 20 November 2014

The ‘radical’ proponents of Scottish independence dramatically overstated its potential to transform Britain’s broken political economy

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The British crisis and the ‘end of neoliberalism’

Pia Riggirozzi & Jean Grugel - 19 November 2014

There are many useful lessons to be learnt from the Latin American debate about ‘post-neoliberal’ political economy

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The Catalan democratic rebellion

 Mònica Clua-Losada - 18 November 2014

A longstanding sense of unfinished business in the democratisation of Spain has moved to a new stage of crisis

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The finance curse as a new grand narrative?

 Andrew Baker - 13 November 2014

As both populist discourse and conceptual apparatus, it is capable of constructing a novel, inclusive coalition in support of the technical reforms we need

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Rebuilding the UK’s innovation economy

Richard Jones - 11 November 2014

Three steps could be taken immediately by the present or a future UK government

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German power under the spotlight

Simon Bulmer - 06 November 2014

25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, German institutions, politics and values still present formidable obstacles to real change

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Is neoliberalism at last unravelling in Britain?

Tony Payne - 05 November 2014

The crisis of the British political economy has now become an urgent crisis also for British politics

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The false promise of corporation tax cuts

Matthew Watson - 04 November 2014

Recent research suggests that such policies constitute hand-outs, rather than effective means to shape firms’ investment decisions

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Devolution and the silence of political economy

Craig Berry - 30 October 2014

The shallowness of the UK debate on devolution demonstrates the new marginalisation of political economy in public discourse

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The American economy at mid-term

David Coates - 28 October 2014

The numbers don’t reflect the reality and give no cause for crowing over the Eurozone

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Dilma Rousseff’s development dilemma

Jewellord Nem Singh - 27 October 2014

Can a fourth victory for the Workers’ Party secure Brazil’s state capitalism?

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Ed Miliband’s economic problems: an issue of communication or substance?

Andrew Scott Crines - 23 October 2014

The Labour leader needs to simplify his message and make it more combative

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South Korea on the edge

Jin-Young Chung & Timothy J. Sinclair - 25 September 2014

The Sewol ferry disaster may prove to be a tipping point in state-society relations

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Where now for Scottish devolution?

Paul Sutton - 22 September 2014

A number of distinct formats are on the table, all different from federalism

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Piketty at last!

Tony Payne - 18 September 2014

This is a remarkable book, but not necessarily all that it has been proclaimed to be

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Mega-regional trade deals in the Asia-Pacific

Jeffrey Wilson - 16 September 2014

The governments of this region are choosing between competing visions for the regional trade system

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‘Tartan neoliberalism’ isn’t driving the campaign for Scottish independence

Scott Lavery - 11 September 2014

There is instead the prospect of a re-awakened social democracy

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Scotland can do better than ‘tartanised’ neoliberalism

Craig Berry - 09 September 2014

The SNP has failed to offer a meaningful alternative to the UK’s flawed economic model – a view from Northern England

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Citizenship for sale?

Owen Parker - 04 September 2014

Individual investor programmes in Europe raise huge questions about citizenship and borders in a globalising world

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Deflation trap

Andrew Gamble - 02 September 2014

Neoliberalism will struggle to survive if western economies cannot find ways to increase demand

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Nigeria’s flawed development

Ejike Udeogu - 27 August 2014

The low rate of profit attributable to real production is at the heart of the country’s longstanding growth and development problems

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What does China’s renewable energy revolution mean?

John Mathews - 20 August 2014

Solar, wind and other renewable sources are now starting to offer a genuine, cost-effective alternative to complete reliance on fossil fuels

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Chávez vs UKIP? How Latin America has reinvigorated the European left

Asa K. Cusack - 13 August 2014

Radical left parties, Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, did well in the recent European elections.  But how far can they go?  And what are the lessons for the UK?

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What is Labour's narrative?

Matt Bishop - 07 August 2014

Without an effective story about the past, the present and the future, Labour will be unable to shape a new British political economy grounded in fairness

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Argentina’s latest ‘default’: it’s all in the contract!

Giselle Datz - 05 August 2014

Without an effective story about the past, the present and the future, Labour will be unable to shape a new British political economy grounded in fairness

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Wang Yong & Gregory Chin - 31 July 2014

Without an effective story about the past, the present and the future, Labour will be unable to shape a new British political economy grounded in fairness

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The future of US techno-hegemony

Linda Weiss - 29 July 2014

Why and how ‘financialisation’ threatens innovation and enterprise in America Inc.

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What’s really at stake in the renationalisation of the railways?

Jeremy Green - 24 July 2014

Renationalisation might spook big business but it represents a welcome injection of legitimacy into a maligned public sphere

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Into the Premier League – London and Renminbi internationalisation

Gregory Chin - 03 July 2014

Latest moves in RMB internationalisation in London could help push China’s currency into the top global rankings

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The asset-based welfare paradox: twist or split?

Colin Hay - 01 July 2014

Continuing to rely on asset-price appreciation to provide for our futures is a dangerous gamble

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Closing the gender pay gap

Adam Barber - 26 June 2014

The inclusion of more women in the labour market is insufficient by itself to guarantee women’s empowerment

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The ‘national interest’ test in the Pfizer – Astra Zeneca takeover bid

Valbona Muzaka - 24 June 2014

Patients and taxpayers should be central to any decision about the future of the pharmaceutical sector

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In fear of Flash Crashes: stock market wobbles past and present

Matthew Watson - 19 June 2014

The new era of high-frequency trading threatens our future prosperity

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The CGIAR: the most important international organisation you’ve never heard of?

Richard Woodward & Michael Davies - 17 June 2014

This little-known organisation is at the forefront of efforts to alleviate hunger and end poverty

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The regressive evolution of the UK tax base

Daniel Bailey & Craig Berry - 13 June 2014

The declining significance of progressive and business taxation demonstrates the character of ‘austerity’

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Will technology save us?

Paul Lewis - 10 June 2014

Rising inequality cannot be explained or alleviated by technological change alone

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The deliberate impotence of active labour market policy

Craig Berry - 05 June 2014

Hyper-Anglicisation typifies the supply-side agenda for employment – and renders it increasingly irrelevant

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The end of the G8

Tony Payne - 03 June 2014

Russia’s expulsion from the G8 brings to a conclusion a transitional phase in the governance of the global political economy

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A life of (global) meaning – in memory of Professor Norman Girvan

Gregory Chin - 01 May 2014

Norman Girvan’s life and work have made an enduring contribution to the political economy of the world

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Part of the problem or part of the solution? Migration as adaptation to climate change

Andrew Geddes - 29 April 2014

We need to begin thinking about migration as a response to the combined pressures of climate change and economic insecurity

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership – A Bridge Too Far?

Richard Stubbs - 24 April 2014

Differences between national capitalisms may mean that successful completion of the negotiations over TPP proves elusive

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Counting the cost of the regressive recovery

Jeremy Green & Scott Lavery - 22 April 2014

The Coalition’s recovery has intensified deeply damaging distributional trends within Britain

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Asking the right questions

Fred Block - 22 April 2014

To get out of the crisis we need to think about radical reforms that produce a greener and more equitable form of capitalism

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Paul Ryan as the Prince of Paupers

David Coates - 15 April 2014

The hard-nosed approach to poverty from the American Right is a threat to long-term democratic stability in the United States

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From negative to positive: money without the debt

Graham Hodgson - 11 April 2014

We need to reform a money system that no longer serves the needs of the public

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Food banks and welfare reform

Hannah Lambie-Mumford - 09 April 2014

A ‘right to food’ approach can help to determine ultimate responsibility for preventing hunger

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What happened to the Lisbon Agenda?

Kean Birch - 08 April 2014

The European economy has been financialised, rather than ‘Lisbonised’

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Inequality and the electoral system

Daniel Laurison - 03 April 2014

To understand the relationship between economic and political inequality, look at what campaign professionals do (and don’t do)

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Why is political science not in crisis as a result of the crisis?

Mick Moran - 25 March 2014

Economics is beginning to rethink many of its presuppositions as a consequence of the financial crisis, but political science sails blithely and complacently onwards

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Reparations for slavery?

Matt Bishop - 20 March 2014

The legacy of the slave trade lives on and forces us to think about political economy in new and uncomfortable ways

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Scotland, England and currency union – or two bald men and a comb

Craig Berry &  Richard Berry - 18 March 2014

The phoney currency debate in Scotland relies on misunderstanding and is helping to marginalise the real alternatives

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‘Civic Capitalism’: locating the new model within the global context

Tony Payne & Colin Hay - 13 March 2014

We need to build up more intensive and sophisticated mechanisms of global governance capable of serving as the guiding intelligence of the whole global economy. 

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A Big Broken Society?

Daniela Tepe-Belfrage - 11 March 2014

British society is broken, but it is an indifferent and disconnected elite that is really to blame

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Blowing bubbles

Timothy J. Sinclair - 06 March 2014

A booming property market is transforming life in New York City and reviving a price bubble that threatens future stability

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Understanding ‘Europessimism’

Andrew Glencross - 04 March 2014

In the aftermath of the crisis this new scholarly position in the debate about the EU has become an increasingly important strand of thinking

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‘Civic Capitalism’: a shared commitment to reduce inequality

Tony Payne & Colin Hay - 27 February 2014

We need to recognise that stable and sustainable capitalist development can only be built upon a broader, more equal, social base

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Britain’s unreal recovery risks a very real economic crisis

Craig Berry - 26 February 2014

Investment and consumption performance demonstrates the frailty of the UK economy; the economic recovery is not yet secure

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The unravelling of Chavismo?

Matt Bishop - 25 February 2014

The unique experiment represented by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is potentially on the brink of a painful and protracted crisis

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‘Floating voters’, rules of rescue and the challenge to austerity discourse

Matthew Wood - 20 February 2014

The onset of massive flooding is throwing up some uncomfortable challenges for the UK Coalition government’s austerity agenda

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Britain’s trade deficit persists in spite of sterling devaluation

Craig Berry & Scott Lavery - 18 February 2014

Sterling’s falling value has not been exploited, exposing the coalition’s failure to rebalance the economy

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‘Civic Capitalism’: bringing in the social dimension

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 13 February 2014

We need to develop new social policies that foster the quality of the societies within which citizens live their daily lives under capitalism 

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Putting the ‘political’ into political economy

Stephanie Mudge - 11 February 2014

We really should care about how party politics works—or isn’t working—in unsettled times 

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Visibilities, invisibilities and ‘spaces of labour control’ in Asia

Juanita Elias - 07 February 2014

The mistreatment of migrant labour has become central to Asian development strategies and needs increasingly to be tackled

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Income inequality and the downward wage push

Scott Lavery - 04 February 2014

The most dangerous ‘imbalance’ at the heart of the UK economy is the disproportionate bargaining power that firms have over labour

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‘Civic capitalism’: Towards an alternative currency of global economic success

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 30 January 2014

We need to begin to design a new Social, Environmental and Developmental Index to replace GDP

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The Treasury’s depoliticisation agenda

Richard Berry - 28 January 2014

The appointment of a Whitehall ‘Chief Financial Officer’ is a symbolic gesture designed to further undermine democratic decision-making

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Who owns the US federal debt?

Sandy Brian Hager - 23 January 2014

Massive increases in inequality are transforming the politics of public debt

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Small island economies, offshore finance and development

Adam Barber - 21 January 2014

Playing host to Offshore Financial Centres may ultimately prove to be damaging to the economic prospects of small island economies

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‘Civic Capitalism’: sustainable development through investment 

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 16 January 2014

We need to move from private debt to public investment as the means to stimulate demand and to link deficit reduction to the promotion of growth

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America’s War on Poverty, America’s War on the Poor

David Coates - 14 January 2014

Fifty years after Lyndon Johnson’s vision, American politicians desperately need to reinvigorate the stalled campaign against poverty

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Business as usual as City pay soars while manufacturing stagnates

Craig Berry - 09 January 2014

George Osborne promised a ‘march of the makers’ but as yet there is little sign that a resurgence of manufacturing is helping the economy to rebalance

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A threat to growth? Environmental activism in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis

Genevieve LeBaron & Peter Dauvergne - 07 January 2014

Since the crisis states have raised the stakes for environmentalists, cracking down on dissent and stifling criticism of the ecological costs of economic growth

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‘Civic capitalism’: the need for sustainability

Tony Payne & Colin Hay -  03 January 2014

Since the crisis states have raised the stakes for environmentalists, cracking down on dissent and stifling criticism of the ecological costs of economic growth

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