Sean McDaniel

 Research Assistant at SPERI

Conform or confront? Will young people turn to trade unions to address precariousness?

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel - 12 February 2018

Our new research published today considers the perspectives of today’s young people on trade unionism – and how unions can respond

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Young people and the normalisation of economic crisis in the UK

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel  - 08 January 2018

Our new research considers the perspectives of today’s young people on the economy, crisis and labour market change – and how they view the prospect of transforming their circumstances through politics

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How should progressives respond to the anti-competitive tendencies of the platform economy?

Craig Berry & Sean McDaniel - 06 November 2017

Firms such as Google and Uber – and their control of our data – may pose a threat to the UK’s competition regime. How policy-makers respond to this will help to define the platform economy

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The collapse of France’s Socialist Party amidst the Macron surge

Ben Clift & Sean McDaniel - 26 July 2017

With Macron dominant and the left divided, the future of a devastated Socialist Party is extremely unclear

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Disarray on the French left – what next for the Parti Socialiste

Sean McDaniel - 21 April 2017

Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon looks set to finish fifth in Sunday’s presidential election. With crucial legislative elections following in June, the party is in disarray.

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The unravelling of Hollande’s ‘anti-austerity’ programme and the crisis of French socialism

Sean McDaniel - 26 January 2017

With the failure of Hollande’s promise of ‘le changement’, ahead of this year’s elections the French Socialists find themselves severely weakened and maybe even at breaking point

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