Michael Livesey

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield

Penelope Kyritsis

Materialising the immaterial, via the Belfast peace walls

Michael Livesey - 05 February 2024

During the ‘Troubles’, the British Army and Government built ‘peace walls’ in Northern Irish cities to separate predominantly Catholic/nationalist from predominantly Protestant/unionist neighbourhoods. These walls imprinted ‘immaterial’ ideas about the relationship between social class and violence within ‘material’ structures of city space. This blog is part 4 in the series ‘The political economy of conflict’ by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network.

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Fuelling the debate: what Britain’s bus crisis tells us about public ownership

Michael Livesey - 30 March 2020

UK public transport is undergoing a crisis as bus networks across the country have seen huge cutbacks in service provision. What are the possible solutions?

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