High street bank Barclays with a 'To Let' sign under the logo. Llyods TSB and WH Smith are in the background.

Anna Killick - 2 November 2021

Jack Mosse has written a book about modern monetary theory (MMT) that ranges from conversations in a North London housing estate to elite financiers’ offices, to explain, without academic jargon, the central economic question of our day.

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Birds-eye view of people walking, using a slow shutter speed so some people are blurred as they move.

Scott Lavery - 19 October 2021

This blog summarises Dr Scott Lavery’s presentation at the first 2021-22 meeting of the SPERI Doctoral Researchers Network, on ‘The Political Economy of COVID-19’.

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Patrick delivering his speech at the Economic Forum as part of a panel that discussed the question of the necessity, usefulness and downsides to global supply chains.

Patrick Kaczmarczyk - 16 September 2021

Focusing on short-term efficiency gains can lead to long-term inefficiency. The work of Schumpeter provides an alternative that could lead to greater prosperity.

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A smartphone surrounded by light flares

Georgette Fernandez Laris - 10 September 2021

While making payments more convenient many FinTech solutions exploit our digital footprints. Opening the ‘black box’ of such technologies is crucial to ensure we benefit from their fusion into our lives.

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Queue of customers outside the shop Chickeeduck

Freda Forrest - 9 September 2021

When shopping is not feeding capitalism but the only way of fighting for freedom.

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Cotton plants

Remi Edwards & Frank Maracchione - 8 September 2021

While activist coalitions have forced the end of state-sanctioned forced labour in Uzbekistan, the rise of the private sector and continued undermining of political and social rights may mean exploitation in the cotton sector persists.

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A group of people smiling at the camera outside an Ibis hotel in Paris

Charline Sempéré - 7 September 2021

Despite drastic changes to the economy and labour market in recent decades, trade unions continue to be pivotal stakeholders in current social movements.

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A road filled with people marching and holding placards. A bridge is above them with police watching.

SPERI Doctoral Researcher Network - 6 September 2021

A new series of blogs by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network will explore how different types and forms of social contestation are shaping the global economy.

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Whitehall from across the road, with cars, buses and pedestrians in front.

Callum Gill - 8 July 2021

While David Cameron’s Conservative government used austerity to their political advantage, Boris Johnson’s government has so far given it a wide berth.

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Coins falling out of a jar tipped on its side

Joshua White - 7 July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the indebted nature of Britain into the spotlight once again – but this is a problem with much deeper historical roots.

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High rise buildings on the edge of the river Thames, lit up at night.

Lauren Martin - 6 July 2021

Boris Johnson’s regional agenda is doomed to fail unless we tackle Britain’s ‘finance curse’.

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Liverpool's port

Rex McKenzie & Rowland Atkinson - 28 June 2021

New research by Rex McKenzie and Rowland Atkinson shows the scale of inward offshore investment into Liverpool and the effects in the city.

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Apple iPhone

Andrea Lagna & M N Ravishankar - 13 May 2021

The Kalifa Review of UK Fintech failed to prioritise financial inclusion and poverty eradication. What should policymakers do to establish the UK as a leader of ethical and socially impactful fintech?

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Aerial shot of the sea hitting the shore

Adonis Pegasiou - 13 May 2021

The financial and Covid-19 crises have illustrated the need for a green model of capitalism. The implementation of this new model will be vital for ensuring a sustainable future.

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Aerial view of the blocked Suez Canal

Akis Bimpizas & Andrea Genovese - 22 April 2021

The Suez Canal crisis has apparently been resolved. However, global value chains will create similar bottlenecks in the future. As a solution, we must consider stopgap solutions, install bypasses or undergo a strict “diet” to rethink resource flows. An ambitious circular economy, relying on narrower, slower, and shorter resource loops may help avoid future disruption.

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Looking up at high rise, office blocks with a blue sky above.

Craig Berry - 29 March 2021

Individualisation has undermined the central purpose of pensions provision – and paradoxically compelled the state to further intervene to support the private pensions industry.

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Small screw-top bottle containing a liquid labelled 'Coronavirus Vaccine. COVID-19. Injection Only'.

Valbona Muzaka - 14 March 2021

While the development of vaccines has given the world hope, success will depend upon closer global cooperation and the waiving of intellectual property protections.

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Owen Parker - 22 February 2021

No scholar has done more than Vivien Schmidt to illuminate the contemporary European Union’s democratic and legitimacy deficits.

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Alexander Guschanski & Engelbert Stockhammer - 1 June 2022

This blog argues that in past decades, financial factors have been more important than competitiveness.

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Irini Katsirea - 10 February 2021

Part 2 of this blog series looks at the response of Big Tech companies to the problem of 'fake news'.

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Irini Katsirea - 3 February 2021

Part 1 of this blog series asks what is the past and future of the term 'fake news'? Is self regulation by social media companies an effective solution?

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