David Coates

Professor of Anglo-American Studies, Wake Forest University, North Carolina

Beyond the madness: Donald Trump and the resetting of America’s social contract

David Coates - 19 January 2018

Away from the White House chaos an ultra-conservative Republican Party is building an America for the rich and privileged

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The Anglo-American Centre-Left and the immediate question of agency

 David Coates - 18 September 2017

The Democrats and the Labour Party have been on the defensive for too long. Winning again requires a progressive re-radicalization of politics

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The grief before the storm

David Coates - 05 December 2016

Overcoming the grief caused by Trump’s victory requires us to analyse the sources of our pain

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The Democratic primaries in the shadow of neoliberalism

David Coates -  02 June 2016

The Clinton/Sanders battle exposes the challenge of the centre-left to overcome its pre-crisis accommodation with neoliberalism

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The ongoing American housing crisis

David Coates - 29 March 2016

The US housing crisis may have slipped down the political agenda but it hasn’t gone away – and young people are being hardest hit

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Working-class anger and the problem of progressive politics

David Coates - 07 January 2016

The only effective answer to right-wing populism is the creation and deployment of a superior left-wing alternative

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TPP time in America

David Coates - 23 November 2015

President Obama may view this as his legacy, but it may well not be something of which he will long be proud

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Getting ready for Donald Trump

David Coates - 09 September 2015

It is time to begin worrying about his misguided, superficial and bombastic approach to US problems and politics

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Labour’s historic defeat: learning the right lessons

David Coates - 14 May 2015

Designing and refining a new growth strategy that rejects austerity are the most pressing tasks before us

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