Joanna Tidy

Lecturer in Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations & SPERI Associate Fellow, University of Sheffield

Selling war: commodifying the (in)security of Afghan women

Joanna Tidy - 15 January 2020

Examining the commodification of an everyday object, an Afghan rug, reveals a complex interconnection of economy and security.

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Beyond Political Economy and Security Studies: Introduction to blog series

Liam Stanley & Joanna Tidy - 13 January 2020

This blog series presents research from SPERI’s 2019 PREPPE programme. This year’s PREPPE team asks: What sorts of analyses might we be able to generate if we move beyond treating ‘economy’ and ‘security’ as separate? The blogs in this series each question how helpful this distinction is by focusing on four cases: community safety, war, neoliberalism, and populism.

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