Michael Jacobs

Professorial Fellow and Head of Engagement and Impact, SPERI

Labour’s Green New Deal is among the most radical in the world- but can it be done by 2030?

Michael Jacobs - 21 October 2019

Whilst the ambition of Labour’s GND should be applauded, questions remain regarding its technological and political feasibility.

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The Green New Deal: Easier said than done?

Michael Jacobs - 03 July 2019

How might a Green New Deal be imagined in the UK context? And what are the challenges that would face advocates of the GND given the current political and institutional climate?

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What exactly is the Green New Deal?

Michael Jacobs - 26 June 2019

The Green New Deal is being championed in the USA as a solution to the joint problems of climate change and economic inequality. But what exactly is it, and what is its wider significance?

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‘Net Zero’ and the innovation-policy nexus

Michael Jacobs - 13 June 2019

The adoption of radical policies and targets to combat climate change can speed up the process of innovation and reduce costs associated with emissions reductions

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Compromise seems to be the hardest word

Michael Jacobs -  11 April 2019

Politics is the art of compromise, isn’t it? The EU gave us a good example last night, splitting the difference between the long extension of Article 50 sought by most of its members and the much shorter one demanded by President Macron. But in the UK Parliament compromise seems to be the hardest word. And the result, it is now clear, threatens to leave the UK in European limbo not just till the new October deadline, but indefinitely.

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