Patrick Kaczmarczyk

Doctoral Researcher, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

A sputtering car goes into reverse: The German recession and its consequences

Heiner Flassbeck & Patrick Kaczmarczyk - 17 September 2019

Amidst global political and economic fragility, the downturn in the Germany economy adds to the uncertainty in a world that, as Paul Krugman put it, has a “Germany problem”. It raises questions over the future of the largest European economy, and  of the Eurozone and Europe as a whole.

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Economic development in Palestine and beyond

Patrick Kaczmarczyk -  13 March 2019

Successful economic development in Palestine will require an adequate theory of development, industrial policy, and institutional reforms

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Germany’s non-rebalancing of its mercantilist model

Patrick Kaczmarczyk - 12 November 2018

Contrary to recent claims that Germany has ‘quietly rebalanced’ its economy since the Eurozone crisis began, when German policy is viewed from a more long-term perspective, there has been little in the way of meaningful rebalancing

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The UK, EU and the distance effect on trade

Patrick Kaczmarczyk - 20 February 2018

Despite the notion of hyper-globalisation, most trade happens with countries in close geographic proximity. Tendencies towards regionalisation and the UK’s strong dependence on EU imports seem to have been forgotten in the Brexit debate

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Competition without competitors?

Patrick Kaczmarczyk - 10 November 2017

Coordinated policy actions are needed to tame dominant corporate power and rent-seeking

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