Tom Goodfellow

Associate Fellow, SPERI, & Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies and International Development, University of Sheffield

Africa’s ‘infrastructure gap’ – why we should be cautious about ‘win-win’ solutions for African cities

Tom Goodfellow - 25 March 2020

Why ‘plugging’ infrastructure gaps through international finance can generate new problems for African cities.

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African capitalisms, infrastructure and the role of urban real estate in political settlements

Tom Goodfellow - 22 August 2018

Exploring how capital intersects with contemporary urban forms can help to bring Africa to its rightful position at the forefront of global debates on capitalist transformation.

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The geopolitics of African urban transformation

Tom Goodfellow  - 15 December 2017

Africa is undergoing an urban revolution which is taking place in the context of a sea change in global geopolitics

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The UK is sinking deeper into property inequality – here’s why

Tom Goodfellow -  23 September 2016

In the UK and in developing countries enormous wealth is generated from property. New approaches and action is needed to value and tax property wealth

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Property taxes, public services and wealth

Tom Goodfellow - 24 February 2016

Placing property taxation, redistribution and social justice in an ethical context

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Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria & Tom Goodfellow - 11 December 2014

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers

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