Merisa Thompson

Lecturer in Gender and Development, School of Government, University of Birmingham

Why the gendered political economy of COVID-19 matters

Merisa Thompson - 15 April 2020

While the Chancellor’s injection of money into the economy is welcome, it highlights just how undervalued ‘women’s work’ still is in our societies.

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What is the financialisation of food and why should we care?

Merisa Thompson - 07 November 2018

This blog discusses Professor Jennifer Clapp’s recent visit to Sheffield where she presented work from her latest book project and current research on the financialisation of food

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‘Eating power’ and the oligopolisation of the Haitian food economy

Merisa Thompson -  15 September 2016

As one of the world’s poorest countries, the inequities in Haiti’s local food economy are deeply rooted in its troubled history and its elite-dominated political economy

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