Tom Hunt

Deputy Director and Policy Research Associate, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

The battle to shape workers’ rights has just begun

Tom Hunt - 12 February 2020

Leaving the EU means our rights at work will now be shaped by the UK government, and that means they will become a key area of political contest. This is the third part in SPERI’s new series on Brexit, the Conservative Majority and the UK Political Economy.

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Why we are introducing new inclusivity and diversity guidelines for the SPERI blog

Ellie Gore, Natalie Langford & Tom Hunt - 25 January 2020

Through our new guidelines we aim to help political economy become a more diverse and inclusive intellectual discipline.

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2008 is dead, long live 2008! Or, how we learned to imagine the unimaginable

Liam Stanley & Tom Hunt - 11 September 2018

What’s changed in the ten years since the global financial crisis in 2008?

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Building up the bundle of sticks. New ideas for union organising

Tom Hunt -  05 June 2018

A new mini-series of blogs, published by SPERI and openDemocracy, will present new ideas for how unions can organise and engage with the workforce

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Who governs local economies?

Tom Hunt - 24 November 2015

Cities like Sheffield need more skilled jobs, but delivering them has to be both a national and a local priority

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Austerity rests on a thesis the government doesn’t believe in

Tom Hunt & Craig Berry - 01 September 2015

Concentration of infrastructure investment in areas with high levels of business activity suggests the government is unconcerned by ‘crowding out’

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Transport investment and the North’s development dilemmas

Tom Hunt & Craig Berry - 28 July 2015

The gap between rhetoric and reality with regard to transport investment in the North of England encapsulates all the problems of Northern economic development

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