Heather Connolly

Associate Professor of Employment Relations, School of Business, University of Leicester

Macron’s railway reforms: the ultimate test for French trade unionism

Heather Connolly -  19 April 2018

Railway trade unions have begun three months of rolling strikes from April-June 2018 against reforms to their employment rights. The outcome of this dispute will be decisive for the government and its ability to make further reforms, and for the very future of the French trade union movement

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Macron’s labour reforms are a major test for France’s trade unions

Heather Connolly - 13 November 2017

President Macron’s extensive labour reforms are part of a programme of state-led liberalization which will shift the balance of power towards employers and test trade union strength and unity

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Labour struggles and acts of physical and symbolic violence

Heather Connolly - 09 January 2017

The ‘shirt ripping’ Air France trial highlights the usefulness of Bourdieu’s analysis to understanding conflicts within financialised capitalism

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Resisting Labour Reforms in France

Heather Connolly -  16 June 2016

The current industrial action will test the ‘reactionary radicalism’ of French unions and the Government’s ability to introduce reforms

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Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris: Part II

Heather Connolly - 14 April 2016

Trade union support for undocumented migrant workers is taking place in an atmosphere of growing stigmatisation and social tension

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Failures and fiascos in public sector outsourcing: will governments never learn?

Heather Connolly - 09 March 2016

A review of What a Waste: Outsourcing and how it goes wrong

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Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris

Heather Connolly - 16 December 2015

Trade unions can support the integration of migrants and minorities in France and must do so more actively in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks

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