Ben Clift

Honorary Research Fellow, SPERI, & Professor of International Political Economy, University of Warwick

Rethinking the role of the IMF

Ben Clift - 29 October 2019

The Fund’s new prescriptive discourse on the need to tackle inequality is being challenged and undermined by its own continuing economistic conventions. This is part 3 of the series 'Reglobalisation in action'.

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The collapse of France’s Socialist Party amidst the Macron surge

Ben Clift & Sean McDaniel - 26 July 2017

With Macron dominant and the left divided, the future of a devastated Socialist Party is extremely unclear

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Brexit, May & Trump: the dangerous illusion of ‘taking back control’

Ben Clift - 30 November 2016

Economic patriotism is an analytical frame which can help explain the failings of a xenophobic populism which fails to acknowledge the complex realities of our economic interdependence –and risks exacerbating further political disaffection. 

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