Manuel Heckel

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield

The bootstrapping race: development by commercialisation

Manuel Heckel - 13 July 2020

Kenya’s ongoing commercialisation of its water sector creates two positive feedback loops that need careful regulation to live up to the commitment of water as a human right. Recent events distressingly demonstrate and urgently demand that this must include prioritising underserved areas. This blog is Part 5 of our new series on ‘Studying an Uncertain Future‘ written by members of SPERI’s doctoral researchers network.

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Studying an uncertain future: Researching political economy in a time of COVID-19, crisis and climate change

SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network -  15 June 2020

A new generation of political economists, drawn from SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network reflect on what their work tells us about where the world may be going in the next ten years.

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