Gwilym Pryce

Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics, and Co-Director of the ESRC CDT Data Analytics and Society, University of Sheffield

Immigration: how much do we really understand about how it affects job prospects?

Gwilym Price - 29 January 2020

It appears that there is a gaping hole in our understanding of how immigration affects job prospects in the UK.

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Inequality in Scotland: despite Nordic aspirations, things are not improving

Gwilym Pryce & Meng Le Zhang - 13 November 2018

20 years after the Scotland Act was passed, how has Scotland fared in its aspiration to reduce inequality?

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Peace walls and other social frontiers can breed crime and conflict in cities

Gwilym Pryce - 28 June 2018

Identifying social frontiers is the first step to understanding what impacts they have on the people living nearby

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