Ellie Gore

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead and Global Challenges Research Fellow, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

Why we are introducing new inclusivity and diversity guidelines for the SPERI blog

Ellie Gore, Natalie Langford & Tom Hunt - 25 January 2020

Through our new guidelines we aim to help political economy become a more diverse and inclusive intellectual discipline.

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New frontiers of pink capitalism: Or why sandwiches won’t lead to queer liberation

Ellie Gore - 17 July 2019

Greater representation for LGBT+ individuals in mainstream ads and marketing may seem like an important step forward. But there’s a tension between a liberal politics of representation and more radical, structural change, particularly when it comes to connecting LGBT+ rights to other forms of oppression and struggle.

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The political economy of the Weinstein scandal

Liam Stanley, Ellie Gore & Genevieve LeBaron - 13 August 2018

This blog series introduces some preliminary research from SPERI’s PREPPE programme, a project that asks: What can political economy tell us about the Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement? And what can the Weinstein scandal and #MeToo movement teach us about political economy?

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