Martin Craig

Research Fellow at SPERI 

The Coming Crisis: political economy and the ‘other crisis’

Martin Craig -  01 June 2016

How we diagnose and respond to the ‘socio-ecological’ crisis is essential to our understanding of any ‘coming crisis’

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SPERI spotlight on the UN climate summit V

Martin Craig - 30 November 2015

From the politics of climate summitry to the political economy of climate-change mitigation

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The political economy of (ecological) crisis displacement: Part II

Martin Craig - 23 July 2015

Failure to begin the difficult process of questioning the purposes of economic activity may produce even more intractable ecological crises in the future

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Thought experiments in the political economy of (ecological) crisis displacement: Part 1

Martin Craig - 26 May 2015

The future crises that we confront depend, above all, on the way we choose to respond to the present ecological crisis

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Inequality Redux II

Martin Craig - 26 February 2015

The ‘trilemma’ of equality, accumulation and ecology

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Locating Naomi Klein in the political economy of climate change

Martin Craig - 22 December 2014

She sits somewhat uneasily between ecological Marxists and pro-market ecological economists

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