Scott Lavery

Birds-eye view of people walking, using a slow shutter speed so some people are blurred as they move.

Scott Lavery - 19 October 2021

This blog summarises Dr Scott Lavery’s presentation at the first 2021-22 meeting of the SPERI Doctoral Researchers Network, on ‘The Political Economy of COVID-19’.

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Theorising global value chains in a changing global order

Scott Lavery - 14 November 2019

Global value chain analysis is a key approach to studying the changing character of global production, but is limited in its firm-centricity and neglects the wider structural context within which industrial development takes place. This is part 7 in the series 'Industrial development in a post-crash world'.

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Review of ‘Commodity: The Global Commodity System in the 21st Century’

Scott Lavery -  05 April 2019

Photis Lysandrou’s brilliant new book deploys the Hegelian-Marxist method of abstraction in order to understand the heavily financialised regime of capitalism in the twenty-first century.

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The Political Economy of Brexit and the Future of British Capitalism

Scott Lavery, Lucia Quaglia & Charlie Dannreuther - 02 July 2018

Two symposia in New Political Economy bring together academic experts to examine the implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU in key economic policy areas

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Frankfurt and Paris as financial centres after Brexit

Scott Lavery - 26 June 2018

The City of London is likely to remain as Europe’s pre-eminent financial centre after the UK leaves the EU, but new research shows how Frankfurt and Paris seek to ‘capitalise’ on the fall-out from Brexit

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Book Review: Flawed Capitalism: The Anglo-American Condition and its Resolution

Scott Lavery -  23 May 2018

David Coates’ critique of Anglo-American capitalism is devastating; his optimism about transforming it is welcome. The left must now develop a political strategy capable of overcoming structural barriers to reform

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Globalising cities and their de-globalising hinterlands: Book review

Scott Lavery - 02 March 2018

Global cities at the ‘core’ of the national economy generate deep and de-stabilising patterns of under-development in the ‘periphery'

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Will Frankfurt become Europe’s leading financial centre after Brexit?

Scott Lavery & Davide Schmid - 16 January 2018

Frankfurt views its ‘stability’ as a key advantage in the battle for jobs and investment with other European financial centres after Brexit

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Capitalising on Brexit? Charting the next phase of European Capital Markets Union

Scott Lavery - 25 October 2017

Although the UK embraced Capital Markets Union (CMU) in its early stages, it also strongly resisted attempts to enhance EU-level supervisory powers. Brexit could now see the CMU agenda develop further – but not in the way the UK had initially anticipated

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Review: The End of British Politics? by Mick Moran

Scott Lavery - 15 May 2017

This timely new book expertly charts the endurance of the British state and how elites have sought to ‘repurpose’ it. Whether this can be achieved again after Brexit is highly uncertain

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The Coming Crisis: enduring imbalances in the Eurozone

Scott Lavery - 13 April 2016

In the third blog in SPERI’s new series on ‘the coming crisis’ Scott Lavery examines three areas of imbalance in the Eurozone and argues that the single currency area remains vulnerable to a future economic downturn

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Child poverty and the unravelling of New Labour’s ‘hybrid’ political economy

Scott Lavery - 12 August 2015

Cameron claims to lead a ‘One Nation’ government, but pursues a ‘two nations’ governing strategy

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QE, labour market restructuring and the ‘regressive recovery’

Jeremy Green & Scott Lavery - 09 June 2015

Cameron’s continuing ‘two nations’ governing strategy prepares the way for a further economic crisis

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Inequality Redux

Scott Lavery - 19 February 2015

Wage decline, welfare retrenchment and the politics of austerity in Britain

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