Simon Bulmer

Professor of European Politics, University of Sheffield

The politics and economics of Brexit

Simon Bulmer & Lucia Quaglia -  25 May 2018

Brexit may dominate in the UK but it is just one of several challenges to governance and integration facing the EU

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The EU a year after the UK referendum: new momentum and optimism?

Simon Bulmer - 23 June 2017

With the EU issue in the UK far from settled, reports of the demise of the EU and the Eurozone have been greatly exaggerated

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Negotiating the impossible? Brexit after the election

Simon Bulmer - 14 June 2017

Multiple scenarios now exist for the imminent Brexit negotiations. An informed deliberation over the options must be the immediate way forward

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Angela Merkel’s Germany: still liberals’ best hope for 2017?

Simon Bulmer - 18 January 2017

To secure a fourth term a less liberal version of Angela Merkel may emerge as she reacts to the domestic and global tumult of the last year

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Britain and Brexit: the earthquake and its aftershocks

Simon Bulmer -  30 June 2016

Six key issues reveal the early impact of the Brexit earthquake, but this is uncharted territory and more aftershocks will follow

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Britain and the EU referendum: a story of losing control?

Simon Bulmer - 28 April 2016

Controlling the case for Remain and unpacking the Leave arguments about regaining control are shaping up to be key deciding factors ahead of June 23rd

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Key questions for the coming EU referendum

Simon Bulmer - 23 February 2016

We now have a date but there are plenty of big questions and unknown steps between now and 23rd June

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The real ‘new politics’ of post-crisis Britain: Part I

Craig Berry - 18 February 2016

The Conservatives understand – and exploit – the electorate’s concerns about ‘place’

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Vorsprung durch Technik?  Germany and the Eurozone crisis

Simon Bulmer - 27 May 2015

Key aspects of Germany’s approach to the Eurozone crisis are structural, but they still have a ‘dark side’

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Merkel, Draghi and Tsipras

Simon Bulmer - 05 February 2015

These are the three key European leaders of the moment, but a Eurozone ménage à trois remains highly unlikely…

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