Remi Edwards

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Politics & IR, University of Sheffield

Social media as a site of social conflict

Winnie Lam & Remi Edwards - 15 August 2023

Online spaces are designed for fast content consumption, rather than meaningful political debate, which can fuel social conflict. This blog is the second in the series The Political Economy of Conflict by members of SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network.

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A person's arm holding a large vegan burger on a bright purple background.

Remi Edwards & James Jackson - 10 May 2022

Veganism offers a deep critique of contemporary food systems, but is susceptible to corporate co-optation that may reduce its transformative potential.

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Two people waiting to cross a busy road

James Jackson & Remi Edwards - 26 April 2022

This new blog series by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network explores how a political economy analysis can help to explain experiences in our everyday lives.

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Cotton plants

Remi Edwards & Frank Maracchione - 8 September 2021

While activist coalitions have forced the end of state-sanctioned forced labour in Uzbekistan, the rise of the private sector and continued undermining of political and social rights may mean exploitation in the cotton sector persists.

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Care and clothes: reimagining the value of labour

Remi Edwards - 6 July 2020

We need to extend critiques of undervalued labour beyond those that we see as having ‘social value’ in order to engender improvements in the material value of labour globally. This blog is Part 3 of the series ‘Studying an uncertain future‘ written by members of SPERI’s doctoral researchers network.

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Studying an uncertain future: Researching political economy in a time of COVID-19, crisis and climate change

SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network -  15 June 2020

A new generation of political economists, drawn from SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network reflect on what their work tells us about where the world may be going in the next ten years.

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Knowing commodities through corporate narratives: the poor prospects for ethical consumption

Remi Edwards -  12 February 2019

Commodities are often represented to consumers based on corporate promises of social responsibility. But with little evidence of positive impact on the ground for workers, is ethical consumption really a move in the right direction?

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