Georgette Fernandez Laris

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Economics, the University of Sheffield

Imitation crypto currency coins

Georgette Fernandez Laris - 19 May 2022

Wary of unruly private global digital currency mavericks that monetise on people’s privacy, several central banks are developing their own digital legal tenders – but we should question how and by whom our money is controlled.

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A smartphone surrounded by light flares

Georgette Fernandez Laris - 10 September 2021

While making payments more convenient many FinTech solutions exploit our digital footprints. Opening the ‘black box’ of such technologies is crucial to ensure we benefit from their fusion into our lives.

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Households’ financial capability: debt and resilience amidst the pandemic

Georgette Fernandez-Laris - 13 August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic burst in the midst of an already agitated geopolitical scenery punctuated by the fallout of Brexit and turbulent trade wars. This is the final blog in the series 'Studying an Uncertain Future' written by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researchers Network.

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Studying an uncertain future: Researching political economy in a time of COVID-19, crisis and climate change

SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network -  15 June 2020

A new generation of political economists, drawn from SPERI’s Doctoral Researcher Network reflect on what their work tells us about where the world may be going in the next ten years.

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