Matthew Watson

Professor of Political Economy and ESRC Professorial Fellow, University of Warwick

Conservative Fantasies of ‘the Market’

Matthew Watson - 11 July 2019

The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond recently declared (surprisingly for a Conservative party politician) that ‘the market’ is currently failing fairness tests in the distributional outcomes it is producing in the UK.  Yet, his solution saw him quickly restored to partisan type, idealising textbook market institutions and setting as the future goal returning to the way market outcomes are “supposed to” operate.

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Economic uncertainty and economics imperialism

Matthew Watson - 26 October 2017

The question of why uncertainty does not feature more prominently as an economic ontology requires answers that are rooted in intellectual history.  This post, the sixth in our series on uncertainty, searches for them by looking at how economic history has become increasingly colonised by economic theory, and economic theory by mathematics.

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Paul Romer on mathiness and orthodox economics methodology

Matthew Watson - 16 September 2015

Recent criticisms of the mathiness of many economists has raised the question within the blogosphere of whether a fundamental fault-line has now punctured economics orthodoxy

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The two sides of speaking up for business

Matthew Watson - 10 March 2015

Business executives will continue to tell us how to cast our votes in May’s general election, but, before being persuaded, check the evidence on both sides of the argument

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