Natalie Langford

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

The UK agricultural sector: an exception to the ‘end’ of low skilled immigration?

Natalie Langford - 14 February 2020

The UK Prime Minister has pledged to end low skilled immigration by 2021. Why have exceptions have been made for the agricultural sector? This is the fourth part of SPERI’s new series on Brexit, the Conservative Majority and the UK Political Economy.

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Brexit, the Conservative Majority and the UK Political Economy: Introduction

Natalie Langford - 6 February 2020

Our new blog series examines the policy implications of the 2019 UK general election, examining trade, immigration, environment and labour market policy under the recently elected Conservative government.

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Why we are introducing new inclusivity and diversity guidelines for the SPERI blog

Ellie Gore, Natalie Langford & Tom Hunt - 25 January 2020

Through our new guidelines we aim to help political economy become a more diverse and inclusive intellectual discipline.

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Ethical standards in emerging markets: just how different are they?

Natalie Langford - 30 August 2019

Ethical standards have typically been driven by firms and NGOs in the global North, and their legitimacy has often been questioned due to their lack of stakeholder inclusion. Just how different are the latest ethical standards emerging in the global South?

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