Colin Hay

Professor of Political Analysis and Director of SPERI

A New Era for SPERI

Colin Hay & Genevieve LeBaron   -  4 January 2019

In the first blog in a new series, SPERI Directors Colin Hay and Genevieve LeBaron describe SPERI’s evolution since 2012 and set out a new research agenda. 

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The great uncertainty paradox

Colin Hay - 02 November 2017

Uncertainty is the essence of social, political and economic systems. This is the final post on our series on researching uncertainty

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Inclusive growth: the challenge of our time

Colin Hay - 21 February 2017

A new growth model must be economically and morally sustainable – now, and for future generations

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From Brexit reflex to Brexistential crisis

Colin Hay -  28 June 2016

How did we get here – and where, exactly, is here?

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Repost: Brexistential Crisis – what would Cassandra say?

Colin Hay -  24 June 2016

In January Colin Hay, SPERI’s co-director, predicted that Britain would vote to leave the European Union in 2016. Today as that prediction (in the manner of Cassandra) comes to pass we’re reposting Colin’s article which goes on to make two further predictions about the break-up of Britain and a second financial crisis.

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The Coming Crisis: the gathering storm

Colin Hay - 30 March 2016

In the first of a new series of weekly SPERI blogs on ‘the coming crisis’ Colin Hay sets out the background to the series and outlines the themes it will explore

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What would Cassandra say?

Colin Hay - 21 January 2016

Prediction in politics and political economy is perilous, but has value in warning of outcomes that could still be avoided by political agency

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It’s the political economy, stupid!

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 18 July 2015

Labour desperately needs a new and compelling narrative about how it would build a different economy from the Conservatives – and time is already running out

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Prospects for Britain’s socially and territorially fractured polity

Colin Hay - 02 June 2015

It’s still a ‘good election to lose, but too important not to win’

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Election 2015: not a good one to win … but too important to lose

Colin Hay - 04 March 2015

In these circumstances there is no good excuse for not voting, and for not voting extremely wisely

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Inequality Redux

Colin Hay - 12 February 2015

Introduction to a series of weekly SPERI Comments by SPERI staff and students on the theme of inequality. 

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