Harry Pickard

Lecturer in Economics, Newcastle University

Partisan geographic sorting in the UK: do political views influence to where we choose to move?

Georgios Efthyvoulou, Vincenzo Bove & Harry Pickard - 11 September 2023

New research shows that, when we move within the UK, we tend to move to areas that share our political values and ideals. 

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Terrorism and the Brexit vote

Georgios Efthyvoulou - 11 February 2020

Our new research shows that proximity to terrorist attacks increased support for Remain.

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Does Congressional experience lead to US governors securing higher state funding?

Harry Pickard - 19 October 2018

New research shows that governors who have previously served in Congress prior to taking office as state governor increase the transfers to their state

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How the government’s pro-remain leaflet shaped the EU referendum

Harry Pickard - 26 January 2018

New research shows how the official government leaflet successfully changed voting behaviour in the referendum

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