James Silverwood

Lecturer in Emerging Markets, School of Strategy and Leadership, Coventry University

The Schizophrenia of UK (De) industrialisation Policy

Richard Woodward & James Silverwood - 02 October 2018

Far from radically rebalancing the structure of the UK economy, Theresa May’s industrial strategy seems destined to entrench the UK’s deindustrialisation

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What will Brexit mean for UK climate action?

Jeremy F.G. Moulton & James Silverwood - 21 June 2018

Our research reveals that the UK is at risk of letting climate change slip off the agenda at a time when attention and action has never been as important

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Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and industrial strategy

James Silverwood - 19 January 2017

What does the discursive appeal to industrial strategy by Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May tell us about the prospect for radical policy change or continuity?

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