Jacqueline Best

Professor of Political Studies, University of Ottawa & SPERI International Advisory Board member

We are entering another state of exception – but this time it’s economic too

Jacqueline Best - 17 April 2020

It appears that the protection of the economy is often a factor in the types of exceptionalist policies designed to ensure the public’s security throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

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Security, economy, and our addiction to neoliberalism

Jacqueline Best - 3 February 2020

Critical security studies can help to make sense of the complex ways through which states have used claims of ‘exceptionalisation’ to respond to economic crises.

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The return of economic exceptionalism

Jacqueline Best - 9 December 2019

A new animated video by Jacqueline Best examines the role of economic exceptionalism – and asks what it means for political life today.

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Economic exceptionalism past and present: or whatever happened to normal?

Jacqueline Best -  25 June 2019

Exceptionalist policies can play a critical role in changing norms and perceptions of what constitutes the status quo. What role does exceptionalism play within our society today?

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‘Net Zero’ and the innovation-policy nexus

Jacqueline Best - 14 June 2019

Ignorance is not the antithesis to knowledge, but it is part of it. Wishful thinking, muddling through and other forms of ignorance play a crucial role in shaping economic policy and its effects on society.

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Neoliberalism’s ‘unfailures’

Jacqueline Best - 05 June 2019

Economic policies enacted under neoliberalism have often failed to meet their objectives, but have remained unchallenged. Why do certain policy failures have so little impact?

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Why we need to stop letting economic crises go to waste

Jacqueline Best -  08 May 2018

There’s a popular adage that we should never let a good crisis go to waste. Yet, arguably, that’s what we’ve been doing for decades now.

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Don’t Panic! (At least not about inflation)

Jacqueline Best - 22 March 2018

Concerns about high inflation – a key narrative underpinning recent financial volatility – are highly suspect

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Fat Cats in paradise: Why private wealth is a political issue

Jacqueline Best  - 15 January 2018

The future of liberal democracy is threatened unless growing inequality and the culture of wealthy entitlement it creates are effectively tackled

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Why we need better central bank accountability

Jacqueline Best -  07 July 2016

New reforms, underpinned by three basic principles, are needed to make central banks fully accountable

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The Coming Crisis: the monetary policy credibility trap

Jacqueline Best - 20 April 2016

In the latest blog in SPERI’s series on ‘The Coming Crisis’ Jacqueline Best asks: what do central banks and governments do when exceptions to the monetary policy rules keep piling up?

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