Matthew Wood

Senior Lecture, Department of Politics & IR, The University of Sheffield

In a post-Brexit world, we need health policy reform that respects the NHS

Matt Wood, Ivanka Antova, Mark Flear and Tamara Hervey - 19 July 2023

New research shows preferences for increased NHS investment in so-called left behind communities in a post-Brexit context - despite Brexit, not because of it.

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Calling Out Brexit ‘Bullshit’ in ‘Left Behind’ Britain

Ivanka Antona, Mark Flear, Matthew Wood & Tamara Hervey - 17 September 2019

New research by Matt Wood, Ivanka Antova, Mark Flear and Tamara Hervey explores people’s reactions to the claim that leaving the EU will enable £350 million a week to be spent on the NHS.

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Depoliticisation: What is it and why does it matter?

 Matthew Wood - 07 September 2017

Understanding the concept of depoliticisation – and of politicisation – is key to understanding the governing strategies of policymakers and how decisions are made

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Will devolution bring an economic and democratic dividend?

Dan Bailey & Matt Wood - 03 December 2015

Our briefing for the New Economics Foundation (NEF) supports the existing literature in suggesting that such a relationship cannot be taken for granted

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‘Floating voters’, rules of rescue and the challenge to austerity discourse

Matthew Wood - 20 February 2014

The onset of massive flooding is throwing up some uncomfortable challenges for the UK Coalition government’s austerity agenda

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