Adam Leaver

Professor in Accounting and Society, co-director of SPERI

If this is capitalism, where are the price signals?: The glacial effects of passive investment

Jan Fichtner. Eelke Heemskerk & Adam Leaver - 3 September 2018

In the 10 years since the 2008 crash, the ‘passive-aggressive’ tendencies of large index funds have reshaped how modern capitalism operates

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Intangible concerns: Goodwill and the risk of pro-cyclicality in corporate America

Adam Leaver - 20 June 2018

Much has been written about the growth of debt since the Great Financial Crisis. But whilst leverage is a worry, much less has been written about the problem of asset quality

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Outsourcing firms and the paradox of time travel

Adam Leaver - 12 February 2018

Analysis of Carillion’s accounts reveals the complex interplay between the firm’s present and future, and sheds new light on which other large outsourcing firms are ‘levered on the future’

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Out of time: The fragile temporality of Carillion’s accumulation model

Adam Leaver - 17 January 2018

Carillion is the epitome of the modern financialized firm and its liquidation tells us much about risk in this phase of financialization

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Disgorging the social settlement: What the Paradise Papers tell us about firms

Adam Leaver - 10 November 2017

The Paradise Papers reveal how debt and other financial mechanisms are used to move funds offshore and avoid tax. New constraints on firms and managers are needed

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The problem with treating a financial network like a financial market

Adam Leaver & Daniel Tischer - 23 August 2017

Ten years after the financial crisis, the risks associated with securitisation are yet to be fully appreciated

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Tactics without strategy: Brexit and the politics of conceit

Adam Leaver -  27 June 2016

The political and economic forces unleashed by the referendum result now pose profound challenges for Leave politicians and the Labour Party

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Organising metaphors and austerity: what the left can learn

Adam Leaver - 09 February 2016

Progressives need to think differently about political narrative to shape the political agenda to their advantage

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