Ed Pemberton

Doctoral Researcher, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

An occupied lecture theatre

Ed Pemberton - 5 July 2022

In Reclaiming Economics, a group of activists and scholars present a compelling case against mainstream economics education. They highlight the role of this orthodoxy in many societal crises, but may overstate its potential as a domain of radical change.

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The limits of efficiency: can capitalism be more resilient in the face of crisis?

Ed Pemberton - 20 July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic burst in the midst of an already agitated geopolitical scenery punctuated by the fallout of Brexit and turbulent trade wars. This is the final blog in the series 'Studying an Uncertain Future' written by members of SPERI’s Doctoral Researchers Network.

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Finance beyond Financial Institutions: How the ‘subscription economy’ is colonising our future

Ed Pemberton - 20 January 2020

Firms like Netflix and Spotify are changing the way we consume. What does this mean for how we study and understand finance?

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Regionally Adjusted Domestic Product – A New Statistic for Seeing the Shape of the Economy

Ed Pemberton -  15 April 2019

Ed Pemberton, Doctoral Researcher at SPERI has been named runner-up in the 2018/19 Bennett Prospect Public Policy Prize. His essay submission to the prize can be read here.

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A Question of Value: Raising Productivity by Lowering Inequality

Ed Pemberton -  13 April 2018

The focus on low UK productivity overlooks the crucial influence of inequality

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