Tony Payne

Professorial Fellow, SPERI, University of Sheffield

The politics of embedding a new economic consensus

Tony Payne - 15 April 2024

Rachel Reeve's Mais Lecture charts a new economic course for Labour - but what will it take to embed a new economic consensus?

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Steering towards the future

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne - 17 December 2019

For all its disappointments and flaws, the G20 still has the best chance of delivering the comprehensive global oversight of global governance that we need. This is part 8 in the series 'Reglobalisation in action'.

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Reglobalisation in action: rehearsing the concept

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne - 15 October 2019

Globalisation should not – indeed, must not – be abandoned, but it needs to be rebuilt around a new normative framework of ‘re-embedded post-neoliberalism’. This is the first part in the series 'Reglobalisation in action'.

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The political economies of different globalisations – Part 4: ‘Reglobalisation’

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  28 March 2019

A new mode of globalisation, grounded in the notion of ‘re-embedded post-neoliberalism’, can be charted and built by states if, collectively, they want to do so.

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The political economies of different globalisations – Part 3: ‘Deglobalisation from the left’

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  21 March 2019

The left-wing critique of neoliberal globalisation is powerful up to a point, but ultimately it doesn’t stand on the ground where the real battle has to take place.

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The political economies of different globalisations – Part 2: ‘Deglobalisation from the right’

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  14 March 2019

With just a couple of weeks to go until the UK’s planned exit from the European Union, the country still faces significant uncertainties about the shape Brexit will take and the impact it will have on businesses and livelihoods. 

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The political economies of different globalisations – Part 1: Neoliberal globalisation

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  07 March 2019

Globalisation should not be seen as some kind of inevitable technological imperative but rather as a political construction born of a particular phase in history

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Is Britain ‘undeveloping’ before our eyes? Part II

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  30 January 2019

The country needs an accurate analysis of its plight, a strategy for addressing it and a developmental state to drive forward economic and political change.

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Is Britain ‘undeveloping’ before our eyes? Part I

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne -  29 January 2019

The pathologies characterising Britain’s emergence as the first ‘early developer’ may have accumulated to the point where they undermine its prospect of continuing development

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The G20 in Argentina

Tony Payne - 23 November 2018

Argentina’s laudable attempts to raise issues vital to Latin America and the wider developing world are likely to fall on deaf ears. But, if the G20 is going to stop drifting from summit to summit and get to grips with genuinely global challenges, it needs to establish a modest but permanent secretariat and appoint an influential secretary-general, writes Tony Payne in this special post published jointly with the LSE Latin America and Caribbean blog.

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Understanding the IMF better

Tony Payne -  23 April 2018

The Fund does make normatively driven interventions in ideologically charged economic policy debates, but not always from the perspective imagined and often with only limited impact

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Revisiting the developmental state 9: Conclusion

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne - 21 November 2017

The East Asian developmental state was a phenomenon of its time that hasn’t been precisely replicated, but state developmentalism as a strategy for national insertion into the global order remains necessary

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Don’t depoliticise inclusive growth!

Tony Payne - 16 November 2017

The endeavour to set out and implement a new vision for more inclusive growth will fail if it is not treated fundamentally as a matter of political economy, rather than an aspect of social policy

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Revisiting the developmental state 1: Introduction

Matt Bishop & Tony Payne - 26 September 2017

It’s time to open up a new debate about the potential gains offered by this longstanding and core concept in the study of the political economy of development

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The strange still-birth of ‘Milimayism’

 Tony Payne - 11 September 2017

Britain just can’t generate the politics with which to build the new reformist consensus its political economy so badly needs

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Remaking the case for a ‘developmental state’ in Britain

Tony Payne - 23 March 2017

Britain urgently needs a new national development strategy after the Brexit vote and must find the will to embrace a radically different model of the state

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‘De-globalisation’, or ‘re-globalisation’?

Tony Payne - 23 January 2017

The former is the new project of the populist right; the latter needs to be the new vision of the centre-left

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‘Who dun Brexit’: ‘globalisation’ or global neoliberalism?

Tony Payne -  27 July 2016

Life for voiceless, low paid parcel delivery workers exposes the harsh realities of degraded work in 21st century Britain

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The Coming Crisis: why global governance doesn’t really work

Tony Payne -  15 June 2016

Serious problems undermine the current regime and create a significant ‘global governance deficit’

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Plotting against the NHS

Tony Payne - 23 March 2016

A closely interconnected health policy community in Britain has grabbed control of the agenda and seeks to make further marketisation of healthcare the only possible option

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Facing up to the impending UK referendum on the European Union

Tony Payne - 05 January 2016

The best way to counter the threat constituted by the referendum is to show that the EU can be remade to work better in the democratic service of its citizens

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What next for Labour’s ABC tendency

Tony Payne - 29 September 2015

The party desperately needs to go back and come fully to terms with what went right and what went wrong during the Blair/Brown era

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It’s the political economy, stupid!

Colin Hay & Tony Payne - 18 July 2015

Labour desperately needs a new and compelling narrative about how it would build a different economy from the Conservatives – and time is already running out

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Turkish delight 

Tony Payne - 17 February 2015

The Presidency of the G20 has now passed to Turkey, but the global political economy looks like remaining dangerously under-governed

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The changing political economy of oil

Tony Payne - 16 December 2014

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers

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