Jon Morris

Chair of Business Management, Technische Universitat Dresden

Using education to promote sustainability in the textile industry

Jon Morris -  13 February 2019

While efforts are underway to promote social and environmental sustainability within the global textile industry, the role of education can act as a key enabler of change.

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After Carillion: the function of procurement in public projects

Jon Morris & Andrea Genovese - 20 March 2018

The post-Carillion debates must consider the effectiveness of local authority procurement strategies

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Healthy rivers, healthy cities? The case of Sheffield and its rivers

Jon Morris - 24 January 2018

The UK Government’s new 25-year environmental plan shows the need to increase biodiversity and resilience of our waterways. This has implications far beyond the immediate health of the river system itself

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Liberalisation of the Water Industry: What next for consumer and environmental protection?

Jon Morris - 13 April 2017

From April 1st companies in the UK can choose to switch their water provider; a domestic roll-out for households seems inevitable

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Energy Policy and the tensions between austerity and localism

Jon Morris - 17 March 2016

Schemes to reduce energy use show how local authorities are caught between devolved responsibilities and centralised resources

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