Andrew Baker

Faculty Professorial Fellow, SPERI

Changing norms in global tax governance

Andrew Baker & Richard Murphy - 22 October 2019

National spillover assessments would provide a decent start along this road and are now attracting the attention of both international and non-governmental organisations. This is part 2 in the series 'Reglobalisation in action'. 

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The Finance Curse research agenda: what we learned

Andrew Baker - 27 November 2017

A finance curse research agenda involves forensic dissection of financial dysfunction and pathology, helping to illuminate what needs to be put right

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The Finance Curse: Building a new knowledge network

Andrew Baker - 14 November 2017

A workshop in Sheffield this week will examine the symptoms of a phenomenon known as the ‘finance curse’, establish a future research agenda and discuss potential responses

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The deep politics and (non) economics of the DUP

Andrew Baker - 16 June 2017

Fortuitous electoral circumstances have propelled the DUP onto a national stage, but understanding the party requires an appreciation of deeper structural patterns

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Tax spillover, development and global governance

Andrew Baker - 05 June 2017

Our new tax spillover framework is intended to increase scrutiny of countries’ tax regimes and discourage ‘race to the bottom’ behaviours

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Re-framing tax spillover

Andrew Baker & Richard Murphy - 14 March 2017

Interest in ‘tax spillover’ is growing but there is a need to reframe existing analysis. Our new framework would give a fuller reading of international and domestic tax vulnerabilities

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The Coming Crisis: systemic stabilization and the investment state

Andrew Baker & Richard Murphy - 18 May 2016

A new ‘investment state’ is needed to provide stability in the new uncertain political economy of shadow money, financial instability and demand deficiency

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What is money for?

Andrew Baker - 05 April 2016

To meet collective societal challenges, and to respond to future recessions, a different way of thinking about money is required

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The political difficulties of ‘Corbynomics’

Andrew Baker - 03 September 2015

The problems are not really the economics at all, but much more the politics

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