Neil Dooley

Lecturer in Politics, Sussex European Institute (Sei), University of Sussex

The European periphery and the Eurozone Crisis

Neil Dooley - 9 November 2019

European elites have argued that ‘peripheral’ Eurozone states such as Greece and Ireland must ‘follow the rules’. But ‘following the rules’ of European integration – particularly in the domain of financial services – drove divergence and led to their original crises. This is part 6 in the series 'Industrial development in a post-crash world'.

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Brexit, the PIIGS, and the eurozone crisis

Neil Dooley -  21 June 2016

Misleading narratives on the causes of the eurozone crisis have played into the hands of those campaigning for Brexit

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Bad things can still happen to ‘good pupils’ in the Eurozone

Neil Dooley - 09 December 2015

Portugal’s aspirant ‘good behaviour’ has contributed not only to its recent political crisis, but also its longstanding economic woes

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The real political economy of Ireland

Neil Dooley - 02 September 2015

Contrary to official EU claims, Ireland tells a cautionary tale, undeserving of its current poster-child status

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