Rowland Atkinson

Associate Fellow, SPERI and Research Chair in Inclusive Society, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield

The onshore urban impact of offshore property investors

Rex McKenzie & Rowland Atkinson -  09 May 2019

How wealth chains can be used to map the impact of offshore investments on luxury housing markets

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Liverpool's port

Rex McKenzie & Rowland Atkinson - 28 June 2021

New research by Rex McKenzie and Rowland Atkinson shows the scale of inward offshore investment into Liverpool and the effects in the city.

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Tax avoidance: Not illegal, just harmful and deviant?

Rowland Atkinson - 21 April 2016

The furore over tax avoidance, both by our national and international elites, reveals new social fault lines while highlighting a crisis of legitimacy to calls for togetherness and common purpose

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