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The election arms race is on - but what role for Yorkshire steel?

Joseph Ward and Gregory Stiles - 7 May 2024

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer have both been touting their defence and security credentials in recent weeks. Here we test the feasibility of this ‘election arms race’ and examine the role the steel sector might play in relation to it, both nationally and locally throughout South Yorkshire.

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The politics of embedding a new economic consensus

Tony Payne - 15 April 2024

Rachel Reeve's Mais Lecture charts a new economic course for Labour - but what will it take to embed a new economic consensus?

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Why Sinoscepticism will remake British politics

Liam Stanley - 25 March 2024

‘Sinoscepticism’, which we can define as a political position defined by opposition to the increasing power of China and its ruling Communist Party, prompts questions: why has this position become so prominent and what effects will it have? This piece is based on newly published research by the author.

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Why the NHS is in crisis: an answer at three levels

Benjamin Stokes - 18 March 2024

If we can only face looking back so far as the Covid pandemic and the political dynamics set in motion from 2010 - highly significant as they are - we’ll be missing the full story. 

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Materialising the immaterial, via the Belfast peace walls

Michael Livesey - 05 February 2024

During the ‘Troubles’, the British Army and Government built ‘peace walls’ in Northern Irish cities to separate predominantly Catholic/nationalist from predominantly Protestant/unionist neighbourhoods. These walls imprinted ‘immaterial’ ideas about the relationship between social class and violence within ‘material’ structures of city space. 

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The political economy of managing conflict: the state-corporate nexus and 'greening' extractivism

Vicki Reif-Breitwieser - 21 November 2023

Resistance and activism against extractivism is prompting repression by state and corporate actors. This blog is the third in the series The Political Economy of Conflict by members of SPERI's Doctoral Researcher Network.

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